F-104C STARFIGHTER Shooting Star Silver USAF 1:18 Scale


F-104C STARFIGHTER Shooting Star Silver 1:18 Scale

479th Tactical Fighter Wing – George AFB (CA)
21st Century Toys Ultimate Soldier Xtreme Detail

Going into service in 1958, the design of this Lockheed tactical strike aircraft was unlike anything the aviation world had ever seen. With a top speed of over 1,400 mph and able to climb to an altitude of 60,000 feet, the F-104’s unparalleled performance capabilities earned it world records in speed, altitude, and time-to-climb. All bad reputation and nicknamed as a "widow maker" withstanding it was and still is used in many air forces even today.

Offered here is the 1:18 scale 21st Century Toys Ultimate Soldier Xtreme Detail F-104C/G STARFIGHTER featuring the markings of the USAF 479th Tactical Fighter Wing of George AFB in California (circa 1962).

This large, highly detailed plane with historically accurate marking features a 36” wingspan, working canopy, retractable landing gear, AIM-9B Sidewinder missiles, moving ailerons and rudder, adjustable trailing and leading edge flaps, an air refueling probe and a pair of pitot tubes..

Also included is a highly detailed, fully articulated pilot complete with parachute pack, oxygen mask, and a nicely decorated helmet. This model is SOLD OUT at the manufacturer and OUT OF PRODUCTION. Both pilot and plane are mint and brand new in an unopened 21st Century box.