Eagle Force (Eagle Edition)

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with Eagle Squadron companion
by Robert Taylor

Overall Print Size: 33" x 25"

Edition Size: 350
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In the dark days of 1940 following Dunkirk, a seemingly defenseless Britain stood starkly alone in Europe, facing the might of an all-conquering Nazi Germany. Protected only by the narrow waters of the English Channel, it was left to a tiny band of young RAF fighter pilots to stem the Luftwaffe's onslaught as the country braced itself for invasion. Across the Atlantic, America followed the savage encounters of the Battle of Britain, knowing that soon it too would become involved in the war. Unable to wait, a small band of Americans decided their time had come. Some 240 young US pilots, motivated to fight for the cause of freedom, made their way to England to fly with the RAF, and later the USAAF. Many paid the ultimate price, more than a third never returning home. By September 1940 these carefree young flyers were united into a re-formed 71 Squadron, the first of three Eagle Squadrons, and the first to go into action, followed shortly after by 121 and 133 Squadrons. Showing the same steely determination that had carried their British comrades through the Battle of Britain, they were quickly embraced into the fold of the RAF, their ferocious reputation in combat endearing them to the British people. The legend of the American Eagles was born.

In tribute to the young American volunteer pilots who joined the RAF to fight for freedom at the time when Britain stood alone against the Nazi domination in Europe, Robert Taylor's "EAGLE FORCE" features Spitfire Vbs of 71 Squadron RAF as they return to their base at North Weald, September 1941 - the young American pilots perhaps taking a brief moment to marvel at the myriad colors of the late evening sun, a welcome relief from the perils of recent air combat with the Luftwaffe high above the English Channel.

The lucky winner of this auction will also receive the like-numbered companion print "EAGLE SQUADRON." This pencil sketch measures 21 1/2" x 14 1/2".

Conferring great significance upon the commemorative limited edition, in addition to the artist this print set is signed by a total of TEN famous Eagles:

  • Colonel BILL EDWARDS (main print)
  • Flight Lieutenant JAMES GRAY (main print)
  • Colonel STEVE PISANOS (main print)
  • Colonel DON BLAKESLEE (main print)
  • Flight Lieutenant JOHN CAMPBELL (companion print)
  • Colonel JAMES GOODSON (companion print)
  • Colonel GEORGE MAXWELL (companion print)
  • Major MICHAEL MILUCK (main print)
  • Lieutenant Colonel DON NEE (main print)
  • Major General DON ROSS (main print)

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.