Shooter's Odds (SOLD OUT)


by Ross Buckland

Overall Print Size: 25" x 19"

Edition Size: 850

With talk of an armistice only weeks away, F-86 pilot Ralph Parr was afraid the Korean War would be over before he would get into air combat. Flying a routine patrol over the Yalu, Parr spotted a glint of light low against the ground and suspected enemy aircraft. Rolling into a Split-S, Parr dove his F-86F down from 41,000 feet and closed rapidly on the suspicious image. Soon he saw four MiG-15's right in front of him, but a quick look left and right revealed that there was really a total of 16 enemy aircraft. Not one to miss an opportunity, Parr engaged the closest aircraft and was immediately in a boiling dogfight right on the deck. After destroying two MiGs and damaging another, the remaining aircraft fled for the North. Ralph Parr finished the Korean War a double ace, shooting down ten enemy aircraft in just 30 missions over the course of five weeks.

In addition to the artist this print is individually signed in pencil by Korean War double ace:

  • Colonel RALPH S. PARR

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.