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Wing Leader

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by Johnnie Johnson

Published: 1995

Book Size: 5" x 8" - 320 Pages

This is the autobiography of Air Vice-Marshall JOHNNIE JOHNSON, the highest scoring Allied ace (38 victories) in Europe in World War II. Johnnie Johnson (1915-2001) was one of the most heroic and famous fighter pilots of the Second World War.

When Johnson applied to be a RAF pilot in 1938 he was turned down by the recruiter because he was not a hunter! In 1939, with the start of World War II, he was accepted for flight training. He took part in the Battle of Britain, but did not actually shoot down his first plane until after that battle.

Johnnie Johnson flew with the legendary RAF ace Douglas Bader (who was a great fighter despite having lost both his legs prior to the start of the war). Johnson flew four missions over the D-Day beaches on June 6, 1944.

This book was personally signed by Johnnie Johnson, making it not just a great read but a collector's item, as well.