Fighting Tigers (AVG Folio Edition - 2 Prints)

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AVG Folio Edition

by Robert Taylor

Overall Print Sizes:
Main Print: 33¼" x 23½"
Companion Print: 16" x 12"

Edition Size: 500
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"Greetings, you American bandits of the Flying Tigers, and especially you young American kids of the USAAF who have come to take their place. The invincible Japanese Air Force will utterly destroy you on your first day of activation - the fourth of July - your Independence Day!" Tokyo Rose was screeching her propaganda over the shortwave radio out of Shanghai as the 23rd Fighter Group prepared to assume the mantle of Chennault's American Volunteer Group - the Flying Tigers. Her ranting served only to fill the new pilots with greater determination and to provoke Chennault into immediate action: "We will not wait till the 4th. We'll hit them on the 3rd!" vowed General Chennault on hearing the broadcast and that is precisely what the young American kids did. Flying their P-40 Warhawks, twenty-nine rookie fighter pilots ripped into a force of forty-eight Zeros over Kweilin, chopping down thirty-four enemy aircraft without loss on their first day in combat - a full day before the 23rd FG officially came into being. Tokyo Rose fell silent the following day.

"FIGHTING TIGERS" is a superb depiction of an action fought over the Hsiang Chiang river on August 5, 1944. Following a successful attack on Japanese forces just north of Changsha, P-40 Warhawks of the 75th and 16th Fighter Squadrons, 23rd FG, are attacked by enemy Nakajima fighters and a massive dog-fight has developed with aircraft wheeling and turning in all directions. The action is set against the distinctive, haunting landscape of Southern China, Taylor's panoramic canvas capturing all the atmosphere of a crucial aerial campaign fought in the skies above a distant land so many years ago. Just 500 prints were available worldwide each signed by five Flying Tigers. 

In addition to the artist this print is individually signed by EIGHT P-40 pilots who flew and fought the brutal air war above China and Burma with the elite Flying Tigers:

Major General JOHN ALISON
Colonel 'TEX' HILL
Lt. Colonel DON LOPEZ
Flight Leader DICK ROSSI
Brigadier General WILTZ SEGURA

Included in this AVG FOLIO EDITION of Along with "Fighting Tigers" is the matching-numbered companion print "Tigers on the Prowl." Individually initialed by the artist, this superb reproduction from an emotive pencil drawing by Robert Taylor features P-40s of the original AVG Flying Tigers. Seen here in close formation as they prowl the Asian sky are P-40Cs of the Third Pursuit Squadron - The Hell's Angels. Below, the forbidding, largely unmapped terrain provides a reminder of the slim chance of survival awaiting a pilot faced with a parachute jump. This AVG Folio Edition will prove irresistible to all who admire the heroic deeds of the legendary pilots of the Flying Tigers.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.