F4U-1A Corsair "Bunker Hill" 1:18 Scale


F4U-1A Corsair BUNKER HILL 1:18 Scale
21st Century Toys Ultimate Soldier Xtreme Detail

The Corsair started life as the result of a U.S. Navy requirement for a carrier aircraft which could match the performance of the best land and carrier-based fighter planes. Designed in 1938 by Rex Biesel, the first prototype Corsair designated XF4U-1 first flew on 29 May 1940. The massive Corsair with its distinctive gull wing design became one of the deadliest fighters in the American arsenal in the Pacific during World War II.

This is the 1:18 scale Ultimate Soldier Xtreme Detail F4U-1A Corsair "USS BUNKER HILL" from the now defunct 21st Century Toys. It is painted to represent the aircraft flown by US Navy Ace Lieutenant Commander Rodger Hedrick of VF-84 based on the Aircraft Carrier USS Bunker Hill. Hedrick, who had previously flown with the famous VF-17 “Jolly Rogers”, finished the war with 12 confirmed victories and 4 damaged aircraft to his credit. The primary mission of the Corsairs assigned to the USS Bunker Hill was to defend the aircraft carrier from the desperate Kamikaze attacks that were wreaking havoc with the Pacific Fleet. This Corsair is painted in the late war Pacific scheme of overall Glossy Sea Blue. This quickly weathered to a satin, and then flat medium blue color in the blistering South Pacific sun. You will occasionally see this aircraft depicted with a host of kill markings under the cockpit, but photos of the real aircraft do not reflect this detail. The wings and vertical tail are emblazoned with the upward facing white arrow, which was a tactical symbol identifying aircraft attached to the Bunker Hill. The white graphic detail in front of the cockpit represents a white tape that was applied in the field over the panel seams to keep leaking fuel from running up onto the canopy and obscuring the pilots’ vision. This is one of the most popular and iconic of all F4U Corsair schemes."

With an impressive 28" wingspan, this amazing plane features heavy plastic construction with an authentic paint scheme, accurate panel lines and surface details, realistic folding wings, and optional armament. It has a sliding canopy and detailed cockpit, positional ailerons, elevators, flaps, and rudder, retractable landing gear and a rotating propeller. Also included is a highly detailed pilot with moveable arms and legs. This model is SOLD OUT at the manufacturer and OUT OF PRODUCTION. Both plane and pilot are mint and brand new in an unopened box.