Crossfire! (Tuskegee Edition)


(Tuskegee Edition)
by Robert Bailey

Overall Print Size: 33" x 23"

Edition Size: 30

Secondary Market

Robert Bailey’s air combat painting “CROSSFIRE!” depicts action in late 1944 over S.E. Germany. Focke Wulf 190′s of the famed ‘Sturm’ or ‘Rammjager’ attack incoming B-24′s. Featured is ‘Black 3′ flown by Rammjager pilot Unteroffizier Gerhard Kott who flew with 4/JG-3 and 3/JG-4 Sturmgruppe during this time period. P-51 Mustangs of the Tuskegee Airmen swoop inward to a crossfire position to defend the bombers.

This print is signed and numbered by the artist. Included with this print (on separate acid-free paper are the signatures of THREE World War II veterans:

  • Unteroffizier Gerhard Kott (Rammjager pilot featured here and credited with eight total victories including four B-17′s, one B-24, one P-2, and two Yak 9′s)
  • Colonel Bill Holloman (of the Tuskegee Airmen)
  • Feldwebel Oscar Boesch (Rammjager pilot credited with 18 victories)

COLLECTORS NOTE: This is the first time GERHARD KOTT has signed an aviation print!

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.