Deck Departure (Limited Edition)

Price: $250.00


Limited Edition

by Robert Bailey

Overall Print Size: 33" x 22"

Edition Size: 50

Secondary Market

The USS NIMITZ is one of the largest aircraft carriers in the US Navy. Her keel was launched in 1968 and she was commissioned in 1975. Capable of more than thirty knots, this nuclear-powered carrier has answered her country's call to many international crises. Pictured is Lt Col 'Hamster' Hobson being launched from catapult number three in his F-18 Hornet.

"DECK DEPARTURE" is a truly dramatic piece and one of the few paintings ever created of this great warship. The artist Robert Bailey spent seven days at sea on the USS NIMITZ preparing material for his canvas.

In addition to the artist this print is individually signed in pencil by FIVE high level officers serving aboard USS NIMITZ at the time of publication:

  • Captain MICHAEL C. MANAZIR (ship's Captain)
  • Captain THOMAS M. DOWNING (CAG, Commander, Air Group)
  • Captain BRET BATCHELDER (DCAG, Deputy Commander, Air Group)
  • Commander CHRIS BOLT (XO)
  • Commander CHIP BOOGERD (CW-11 Ops Officer)

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a BIO CARD showing photos and biographies of the men who signed.