Devastating Thunder (SOLD OUT)


by Brian Bateman

Print Sizes: 24" x 19"

Edition Size: 250

This exciting print depicts the P-47D at its absolute best - strafing and wreaking havoc on ground targets - in this case a German BR52 locomotive having stopped at small clearing in northern France in early 1944. Strafing targets of opportunity was exhilarating yet an extremely dangerous business, which Steve pointed out to the artist during the creation of this piece. He stated that from his Royal Air Force training days after the initial run you never pulled up but stayed as low as possible until safe to gain altitude, making yourself less of a target to flak gunners as you made your strafing run.

Affectionately called the “Jug” by pilots because of its massive size and weight for a fighter, "DEVASTATING THUNDER" shows Colonel Steve “Spiros” Pisanos (ret), 334 Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Group and his wingman as they make their initial pass firing at tree top level as they wreak havoc on the supply train.

In addition to the artist this print is individually signed in pencil by:

  • Colonel STEVE PISANOS (shown with the artist above)

Born in Athens, Greece, Spiro Nicolas Steve Pisanos came to America on a tramp steamer. Arriving in New York in 1938 speaking no English, he worked in a bakery and hotels to earn money for flying lessons. Prior to America's entry into World War II, he joined the Royal Air Force, was trained in California and England and eventually assigned to the 71 Eagle Squadron comprised of American volunteers. Transferred to the United States Army Air Force 334th Fighter Squadron 4th Fighter Group in September, 1942, he was commissioned a Lieutenant and became an American citizen, the first person ever to become such outside the continental United States. Pisanos became an Ace on January 1, 1944. On March 5, 1944, his P-51 crash-landed south of Le Havre, France while returning from an escort mission. He evaded the Germans for six months and worked with the French underground and the OSS on sabotaging missions. Following the war he served as a test pilot and in assignments with NATO and the United States Air Force in Europe, followed by a tour in Vietnam and retirement as a Colonel in 1973.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.