Calm Before the Storm (2 Print Set)

Price: $320.00



by Robert Taylor

Print Sizes:
Main Print: 34" x 22¼"
Companion Print: 24" x 13⅜"

Edition Size: 350

Honoring the Americans servicing on the USS Arizona at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, this print set by artist Robert Taylor is one of only 350 print sets. It includes the full-size print "THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM" and a like-numbered companion print "THE WAY WE WERE" (- Pearl Harbor, Sunday December 7, 1941 -).


Dawn had broken to reveal another glorious day in paradise and on board the USS Arizona and the repair ship USS Vestal alongside her the crew were taking it easy. All next week they would be hard at work preparing for sea, but today was Sunday and that meant light duties. On the Arizona duty crew were preparing the stem of the battleship, erecting the awnings for the ships band at Morning Colors. The young officer in charge smiled approvingly. It was an inspiring scene and he thought that the recently overhauled battleship had never looked more impressive.

But within the hour he glanced skyward and a frown of puzzlement creased his forehead as, out of nowhere, Japanese carrier-based aircraft were descending on the unsuspecting Naval Base. As he registered the bright red circles on their wings, the blood froze in his veins. He realized that hell had come to Pearl Harbor! Instantly a deafening wall of sound shattered the calm as shrieking klaxons called the Arizona to general quarters. Then, just before 08.1O hours, the unthinkable happened. A bomb from a Nakajima B5N Kate high-altitude bomber penetrated the ship’s 5” armor plated deck and exploded in the forward magazine. Within seconds a cataclysmic blast ripped through the Arizona, devastating the mighty ship which would burn for two days, taking with her the lives of nearly twelve hundred men.

In tribute to all those who lost theft lives at Pearl Harbor on that infamous day, Robert Taylor has created his poignant landmark painting "THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM." The Arizona has since become the focal point for the memorial at Pearl Harbor and this moving piece portrays this proud ship as those who survived would surely like to remember her - in all her glory prior to the attack. The Military Gallery (publishers of this print) and we here at Classic Aviation and War Art are proud and honored that FIVE crew from the Arizona, survivors of that fateful day, have come together to sign this special two print edition to commemorate their fallen comrades. Seventy years after the tragic sinking of the Arizona, this is likely to be the last time that so many of her survivors will be able to join together for such an historic event.

In addition to the artist this print is individually signed in pencil by FOUR USS Arizona crew:

  • Quartermaster Third Class LOUIS CONTER USN
  • Seaman First Class CLEARDON HETRICK USN
  • Lieutenant Commander JOSEPH LANGDELL USNR
  • Gunner’s Mate Second Class DONALD GORDON USN


- Pearl Harbor, Sunday December 7, 1941 -

Reproduced directly from Robert Taylor’s working drawing, the outstanding companion print "THE WAY WE WERE" (- Pearl Harbor, Sunday December 7, 1941 -) is issued exclusively with "THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM," creating a fitting commemorative collector’s edition for the 70th Anniversary of this historic event. This companion drawing is individually numbered to match the main print and personally signed by the artist Robert Taylor along with ONE member of the Arizona’s crew:

  • Chief Warrant Officer EDWARD WENTZLAFF USN

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.