Victory Flyover PP (10 Signature) - SOLD OUT!



by Robert Taylor

Overall Print Size: 32" x 24"

Edition Size: 75

Secondary Market

On Sunday September 2, 1945, the formal surrender document was signed aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. At 9:25 AM, with General Douglas MacArthur, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, and Admirals Halsey and Sherman presiding, the Instrument of Surrender was completed with the affixing of signatures. The Second World War was at last over. Right on cue, and as if staged by Hollywood, shafts of brilliant sunlight broke through the morning mist floodlighting the historic scene, and a mighty rumble began to fill the air. A great Armada of American aircraft swept across Tokyo Bay as Corsairs, Hellcats, Avengers, Helldivers, Mustangs, Thunderbolts and Superfortresses, heralded in the peace.

"VICTORY FLYOVER" captures those historic moments for posterity. Since its publication in 1995 in co-operation with the Admiral Nimitz Museum to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the formal conclusion of the Second World War, September 2, 1945, this has been one of Robert Taylor's most sought after prints.

In addition to the artist this Publisher’s Proof edition print is individually signed in pencil by:

  • JOHN BREMYER (who transported the actual surrender document from Washington , DC to Tokyo Bay, witnessed the signing, and returned the document to the Capitol)
  • Commander HAL LAMAR (Admiral Chester Nimitz's flag lieutenant)
  • Rear Admiral C. W. NIMITZ, JR. (son of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, himself a decorated submariner in World War II)
  • Colonel KEN WALSH (legendary F4U Corsair World War II Marine Ace and winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor)
  • Colonel JEFF de BLANC
  • Brigadier General BOB GALER
  • Lieutenant TOM GUY
  • Captain RAY HAWKINS
  • Colonel BILL STEWARD
  • Colonel JIM SWET

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.