Bomber Force Remarque

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by Nicolas Trudgian

Print Sizes: 31" x 23½"

Edition Size: 50

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One by one, under full power, the massive bombers thunder down the runway and, straining under the weight of their deadly cargo, agonizingly lumber into the air. The tension is electric; the slightest error of judgment on the part of a pilot will bring immediate disaster: Slowly they climb to circle the airfield while the entire squadron gets airborne. Below, the countryside reverberates with the sound of roaring Merlin engines. At a score of neighboring airfields the same precarious exercise is being enacted, the evening sky becoming prematurely darkened by a thousand mighty war machines: It is business as usual for the young crews of Royal Air Force Bomber Command as yet again they make their way to wreak havoc on Nazi Occupied Europe.

In "BOMBER FORCE" Nicolas Trudgian recreates the familiar scene in a stirring painting which captures all the awesome reality of the mass bomber take-off. Lancasters of 617 Squadron are streaming off the runway at thirty second intervals, climbing out to the right and already beginning to form up. In short time they will leave the congested airspace above their forward air base and head off into the darkening sky, every crew-member aboard knowing the short odds against his safe return. Dominating this realistic painting is a superbly detailed study of the legendary Avro Lancaster - the most successful bomber aircraft of World War II.

Adding to the collectability of this small exclusive limited edition, each print in ALL editions has a beautifully printed Remarque in the lower margin featuring the Hampden, one of the RAF's first bombers to see action during WWII.

"BOMBER FORCE" #4/50 Remarque

This special edition of "BOMBER FORCE" is numbered 4 of 50 Remarques. The Remarque – a one-of-a-kind original pencil sketch – depicts a Lancaster Bomber taking off. The sketch measures approximately 6¼" x 1⅞" and is located to the left of the print title in the cream colored border.

In addition to the artist each print is individually signed FOUR highly decorated WWII pilots who skippered the heavy bombers over Germany:

  • Group Captain ROY D. MAX
  • Squadron Leader MALCOLM 'MAC' HAMILTON
  • Flight Lieutenant R. E. KNIGHTS
  • Squadron Leader T. KEARNS

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.