Clash Over Remagen Remarque

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Remarque Edition
by Nicolas Trudgian

Overall Print Size: 34½" x 23½ "

Edition Size: 50

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General Bradley's 1st American Army reached the Rhine at Remagen on March 7, 1945. Such was the speed of advance they arrived before the retreating German troops had time to blow the vital Ludendorff Bridge. The 9th Armored Division seized the opportunity, took the bridge intact, and immediately established a bridgehead. Realizing the importance of the bridge to the advancing American Army, and the threat its existence posed to the German defenses, the Luftwaffe were ordered in to destroy the bridge at all costs. Desperate efforts were made both to attack and to defend the bridge, and over the course of the following days the fighting on the ground and in the air became one of the legendary battles of the war. American fighters, who had no suitable bases within reasonable range of the bridge, were unable to give support and the RAF was called in. Based in Holland, 274 Squadron's Tempest Vs had the range to cover Remagen, and these big, powerful low-level ground ¬attack fighters were soon pitted against the new German jets. Fast as they were, the Tempest did not have the speed of the Me262 or the Arado 234, and so bravely took on the Luftwaffe jets head-on. With closing speeds in the order of 1000 mph they had little chance of shooting them down, but the highly dangerous tactic was successful in breaking up the enemy attacks on the bridge. Adding to the mayhem, every gun on the ground on both sides of the contest was pumping streams of lead into the air, and with bombs exploding all around the bridge, the scene was one of total conflagration.

"CLASH OVER REMAGEN" brings it all to life. Carefully researched and beautifully painted, this new rendition becomes an important record and reminder of one of the fiercest battles of World War II. Two leading Tempests have flown right through the Luftwaffe formation, the high speed aircraft missing each other by feet. The concentration of the desperate attackers is broken momentarily, sufficiently so that their bombs miss the target - but more Luftwaffe aircraft can be seen streaming into attack. With his remarkable talent Nick conveys a tension of almost unbearable proportions as he portrays one the epic battles of World War II.


Adding to the collectability of this small exclusive limited edition, each print has a beautifully painted remarque printed in the margin featuring the Hampden, one of the RAF's first bombers to see action during WWII. (IMAGE OF REMARQUE TO FOLLOW or AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST)


In addition to the artist, this print was individually signed in pencil by the last THREE surviving Luftwaffe Me262 bomber pilots who attacked the Bridge at Remagen:

  • Hauptmann GEORG CSURUSKY
  • Oberfeldwebel RONY LAUER
  • Oberfeldwebel HERMANN WIECZOREK

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.