Tigers in Normandy

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by Nicolas Trudgian

Overall Print Size: 33" x 23"
Edition Size: 600
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The Battle for Point 112, a strategically positioned hill just a few miles south-west of Caen, was the scene of some of the most violent fighting between German and British armor, artillery, and ground troops during the weeks immediately following the D-Day invasion, in June 1944. Desperate to regain Hill 112, on July 9, the Tiger tanks of SS ?Panzer Battalion 102 were ordered to advance. 2 Kompanie's Tigers managed to occupy the eastern slopes of the hill, while 1 Kompanie came under fire as they reached the first houses in the small village of Maltot. At this point they came head-on to British Sherman tanks. Entering the village firing his '88', Unterscharfiihrer Fey in tank 138 quickly knocked out three Shermans at 200 yards range, and by the evening of July 10 the Panzers had re-taken Maltot. But Allied artillery had driven the Germans off Hill 112. The battle raged on for another three weeks when on August 1 the Allies drove the Germans off Point 112 for the final time.

Nicolas Trudgian's powerful "TIGERS IN NORMANDY" recreates the scenario in the Normandy village of Maltot halfway through the Battle for Point 112. The Tigers of SS- Panzer Battalion 102 yet again advance towards the infamous hill, passing two Shermans knocked out in the previous day's fighting. Overhead, Me1O9s of II./JG-26 give aerial support as the German armor makes a last ditch attempt to repel the advancing forces, in their effort to hold the important city of Caen.

In addition to the artist this print is hand-signed by THREE top Panzer Commanders:

  • Oberstleutnant Alfred RUBBEL
  • Feldwebel Richard SCHARZMANN
  • Unteroffizier Franz-Wilhelm LOCKMAN

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.