John White







John White grew up in a family of artists and engineers and was drawing before he could write. He excelled in art throughout his school years and was awarded a Gold Key in the seventh grade. He continued fine art and design classes into college earning an Advertising Design degree in 1980. After several years working as a designer/illustrator, John started his own illustration business. 

John is an internationally known commercial and historical illustrator with clients in the United States, Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean. John has over twenty-five year experience illustrating for his clients including Zondervan Publishing, Baker Book House, Osprey Publishing, Ingersoll Rand, Michelin, Siemens, Bank of America, Springs Industries, Kelloggs, Morgan Cain Associates, Holt Reinhart and Winston.

In addition to John’s illustration work, he is an accomplished fine art painter in a variety of subjects including landscapes, abstracts, historical events, and marine settings. His paintings demonstrate a unique understanding of how light is reflected in nature, most evident in the way he renders water settling into his landscape. 

Several of John’s paintings have received national recognition including an award from the National Museum of Naval Aviation for his painting The Sinking of the Battleship Yamato. His art has appeared in Aviation Art Magazine, Aviation History Magazine, and on the History Channel. His work has also been recognized with an Addy Award and awards from the Broadcast Designers Association and the Charlotte Society of Communication Arts.

John and his wife Margery live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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