Michael Wooten






Michael Wooten has a long history with the military. Growing up as a military brat, Mike got plenty of opportunity to witness the patriotism of real-life heroes. He began to study and draw the planes, tanks, ships, and stories that surrounded him.

A hitch as an F-4 hydraulics mechanic in the USMC air wing from 1971-1975, where Mike spent a great deal of time around the weaponry and machinery of the Marines, led to a greater knowledge and appreciation for aviation art.

Mike continued drawing after leaving the service and in 1985 began to market limited editions featuring military and aviation subject matter. The first pieces were pencil portraits of famous aviators. After a couple of years Mike delved into colored pencils and mixed mediums, but now works mostly in oils. Much of this art is signed by the legends who fought for their respective countries. It is not just artwork, but a glimpse of history.

Michael Wooten now lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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