Price: $150.00


by Tom Freeman

Overall Print Size: 20¾" x 30"

Edition Size: 750

The German Battleship "F" construction number BV509 was placed with Blohm & Voss Shipyard of Hamburg Germany on November 16, 1935. On February 14, 1939 the ship was christened the Bismarck; named for the former German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Bismarck was commissioned and placed under the command of Captain Ernst Lindermann on August 24, 1940. On May 27th Bismarck was surrounded by two British Battleships, King George V and Rodney, plus two cruisers, Dorsetshire and Norfolk. King George V and Rodney opened fire. Bismarck received hits from all sides, with many fires out of control. At 10:00 a.m. all weapons ceased fire aboard the Bismarck. The Ship was a barely floating burning wreck. Scuttling charges were set off on Bismarck. Three torpedoes fired by the Dorsetshire sent the Bismarck to the bottom.

One of the few remaing prints bearing artist Tom Freeman's signature.