August Victory

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by Simon Atack

Overall Print Size: 31;" x 23;"

Edition Size: 500

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The Battle of Britain is totally unique in the annals of aerial conflict. Never before, or since, was there such prolonged air fighting, day in and day out, with the outcome so decisive. For one hundred days in the summer of 1940, from first light until dusk, the battle raged in the skies above southern England, the fighters of the RAF pitted against the might of the Luftwaffe. The prize was control of the sky above the English Channel - vital if Hitler’s planned invasion of island Britain was to be repelled. For this brief period in history the future of Europe, possibly the world, was held in the balance by a small band of RAF fighter pilots as they desperately defended their homeland. Outnumbered more than four to one, their skill, determination, and courage won the day. By autumn the Luftwaffe was defeated, the invasion canceled, and Hermann Goering’s reputation in shreds.

In "AUGUST VICTORY" Simon Atack has recreated an action flown by Pilot Officer Bob Doe during a fierce battle over the South Coast, near the Isle of Wight on 18 August, 1940. Flying an Mk I Spitfire of No. 234 Squadron, Bob is seen bringing down a Me109 high over Southampton, one of 14 victories he achieved during the Battle of Britain. The third highest scoring fighter pilot of the battle, 20-year old Bob Doe was one of the few Aces to fly both Spitfires and Hurricanes during the battle. Simon captures the very essence of the most tumultuous of all aerial conflicts in this dramatic print, with Bob flying his trusted Spitfire, "D" for Doe.

In addition to the artist this print is individually signed in pencil by the THIRD HIGHEST SCORING Battle of Britain Ace:

  • Wing Commander BOB DOE

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.